FLARE TOWER Fabrication Project

Sao Vang & Dai Nguyet (SVDN) Development Project is to develop 02 Oil & Gas fields Sao Vang and Dai Nguyet respectively located at Blocks 05-1b and 05-1c in the Nam Con Son basin. The fields are about 350Km Southeast of Ho Chi Minh City, with water depth of 120m approx.

Phase 1 of the Project consists of development of Sao Vang Central Processing Platform (SV CPP) with infield pipelines. SV CPP Topside weighs 14000mT (approx.), SV CPP Jacket and Piles weigh 15000mT. The Planned First Gas is expected to be in the 3rd Quarter of 2020.

Idemitsu is operator of the fields with a 35% interest, JX Nippon Oil & Gas Exploration Corp. holds 35%, and Teikoku Oil (Con Son) Co. holds 30%. EPCI Contractor PTSC M&C has subcontracted PV-Shipyard for Onshore Fabrication of SV CPP Flare Tower.

Brief configurations of Flare Tower as below:

  • Weight                            : 290.02 MT (factored, approx.)
  • Length                            : 97 m
  • Chords space                 : 11 m x 11.5 m (bottom) ; 4 m x 4 m (top)
  • Tubular diameter            : > 406.4ø TYPE-I ; ≤ 406.4ø TYPE-III
  • Part                                 : 02

The fabrication works of Flare Tower include:

  •  Structure fabrication;
  •  Pipe spool & pipe support fabrication;
  •  Hydrotest & flushing;
  •  E&I fabrication and installation;
  •  Mechanical installation – trial fit Flare Tip
  • Site moving

As planned, the project starts from the end of April 2019 and will hand over in mid-August 2019. All materials are procured by PTSC MC and transported to PV Shipyard Yard. In fact, the transportation of materials was delayed more than 2 weeks and this affected much to the fabrication plan due to the overall schedule is quite short.

This item is out of our control. But with a high determination and wants to keep the milestones that were signed, PV Shipyard has tried to catch up the progress by some solutions, such as: mobilizing more manpower, work overtime, work on Sunday and changing fabrication sequence…

At present, both contractor PTSC MC & owner Idemitsu are very satisfied and highly appreciated the quality and progress of the project. This is our honor and it is also to affirm our motto:

“Prestige – Quality – Efficiency –

Safety – Health – Environmental Protection”

Continuing with the achieved results, with the best effort from the project board to the workers, PV Shipyard will try to complete this project on time with the highest quality.

Some photos of project: