Jan De Nul order repair service at PV Shipyard

In 01st June, 2019 Petrovietnam Marine Shipyard JSC (PV Shipyard) received vessel DN58 for an urgent repair. The repair work, mainly Magnetic Particle Testing (MT) and equipment maintenance, were finished within 07 days.

The vessel weights 80 tons. Due to some parts that need to be repaired out of the water, we had to calculate and provide lifting plan using our crane 1250 tons. This is special equipment that we have. In addition, we own 336m of wharf, 46.000 m2 of well-equipped fabrication yard and warehouse, transporting and lifting equipment, with total capacity up to 40.000 – 50,000 tons of structures per year. Therefore, PV Shipyard can carry out several services and logistics for onshore and offshore project.