PV shipyard perform SPS 5 years Murmanskaya jack up rig for the second time.

From the trust of client, in the recently years PV Shipyard has always been assigned to repair and convert domestic and international’s projects. With the successes achieved, PV Shipyard not only built a reputation in the domestic market but also received the trust of international companies. This is the second time, Jack-up drilling rig ‘Murmanskaya’, owned by Arktikmorneftegazrazvedka JSC (subsidiary of Zarubezhneft JSC) was on a scheduled special periodic survey (SPS) at PV Shipyard from Oct 2018.

The Rig which was certified by Russian Maritime Register of Shiping (RMRS) was built in 1981 at Russia. With more than 20 years of operating, the equipment were old and difficult for replacement. After serious survey by RMRS, PV Shipyard had been qualified for providing repair & upgrade service for Murmanskaya Jack-Up Rig at PV Shipyard’s facility. PV shipyard will carry out repair of 286 items in this project. The most typical item is cleaning and painting 3 legs with a total area of up to 12,555 sq. meters. PV Shipyard committed to deliver the rig on time, ensuring the safety and quality of the project.

PV Shipyard owns an shipyard in Vung Tau, Viet Nam, with complete facilities for newly built of offshore oil and gas structures (jack-up rig, topside, jacket, living quarter …), including: 336m of wharf, 40.000 m2 of yard and warehouse, transporting and lifting equipment, with total capacity up to 40.000 tons of structure per year. In the few coming years, we are continuing to upgrade infrastructure, invest modern equipment in repair and maintenance services.