Tender assisted barge PVD V berthing at PV Shipyard

Today we are very proud to announce that the TAD Rig PVD V was already berthed safely at PV Shipyard on 28/01/2016 after 12 hours of operation time for towing the Rig from Zero Buoy Vung Tau offshore to the quayside.  PVD V is the 8th TAD in the world which is the latest generation of its kind with high level of specification and considered as the most modern Tender Assisted Drilling Rig with design of KFELS SSDT 3600E, 6 COLUMN STABILIZED DR ILLING RIG built on 2011.

The Rig will be cold stacked, ready for future work after 05 years of drilling campaign in offshore Vung Tau Vietnam. PV Shipyard has already granted to be a main contractor to supply berthing services, repair & upgrade, equipment & maintenance for the Rig during berthing period which estimated of up to 02 years.

Besides that, PVD V is considered as the largest offshore vessel coming to PV Shipyard’s quayside with dimension of nearly 91 meters length, 56 meters width (include anchor racks) and specially has 7.92 meters transit draft. With the support from Port Authority, Maritime Third Parties and PVD’s team, PV Shipyard study thoroughly the Rig’s specification and worked out the best method for towing & mooring which applied effectively to optimize operation activities and ensure high level of safety conditions.

The success of berthing PVD V once again affirm PV Shipyard’s capability on Rig Projects Market and promote us to award similar projects in near future.