Stepping in new market marine vessels

PV Shipyard was established in July 2007 with the aim of EPC projects in Vietnam.

In recent years, with the trend of integration in line with the market demand, PV Shipyard is expanding new areas, especially in the field of maritime vessels. PV Shipyard has started to build 06 vessels for Nghi Son Refinery project of PTSC Owner.

Under the direction and high spirit of our employees, we believe that with our more than 10 – years plus experience in construction, we will complete the project according ABS’s classification and client expectation. With the signing of this contract, PV Shipyard is continuing to affirm its reputation and capability in both inside and outside the industry for the leading oil and gas industry.

Besides that, PV Shipyard is also building barges for seafood industry for international clients. Upon completion of those barges, PV Shipyard shall continue to build such products for the incoming years.