PV Shipyard widely maintains Quality Management awareness

Aiming at objective of bringing the quality management concept to maintain and improve the quality in every work process across the company, PV Shipyard’s top managers have been striving for building a continuous tradition among employees at all level about strict awareness to quality and accountability during their performance, to meet the client’s requirement that keeps changing upward.

So far PV Shipyard has organized 3 modules of Quality Management to departments and divisions, in a frame of 6-module-training program as a whole. The program is delivered by Mr. Michael Van – former QA/QC Manager of Keppel Fels, who is currently playing the role of QA/QC Manager in PV Shipyard.

Program structure varies from the basic definitions to advanced suggestion of doing the job creatively in accordance with ISO and OHSAS standards, as well as in line with law and regulation. The program is intended to maintain and repeat along the company operation.