Fabricators Firming Their Stands In Oil & Gas Sector

At the Conference on the solutions for the development of Vietnam mechanical industry, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc emphasized that the Government would help mechanical enterprises to develop. The government shall support in domestic support industries and expanding the export market for Vietnam oil & gas fabrication products.

Up to now, Petrovietnam (PVN) has built a modern Mechanical Oil and Gas Industry, which can effectively meet the demand for petroleum exploration and production to replace imported goods and services. More than 30 years ago, the Vietnam-Russia Joint Venture (Vietsovpetro) had no choice but to transport jacket from Baku (Azerbaijan) to Ba Ria – Vung Tau offshore Bach Ho field. Now, the domestic suppliers can fabricate the same for domestic purposes. Besides, oil & gas mechanical products also are being exported to other countries, partly help to increase foreign currency revenue for Vietnam.

Through a process of developing improving, the Mechanical Industry of PVN has step by step obtained the technology and will continuously innovate to have an outstanding development.

The milestone for this development of the Mechanical Petroleum Industry is the successful fabrication of Tam Dao 03 and Tam Dao 05 jack-up rigs which are 300ft and 400ft class jack-up. These rigs are operating stably, bringing great satisfaction to Vietsovpetro, the owner. Successfully building of Tam Dao 03 and Tam Dao 05 jack-up rigs not only make Vietnam became one of less-than-ten countries capable of building jack-up rigs but also strengthened the stands of EPC capability of Vietnamese fabricators. It was the first high-tech mechanical product made-in-Vietnam with a local content of 35%

Tam Dao 05 Jack Up Rig
Tam Dao 5 Jack Up Rig

Additionally, the Oil & gas fabrication industry have met the requirement and expectation of international petroleum companies. In 2014, The HRD process platform, a total volume of nearly 11,000 tons was successfully built by PTSC M&C. The project was finished ahead of schedule, in only 17 months, with absolute safety and high quality receiving great appreciation from the ONGC investor (India), partners and contractors.

This was the first and biggest project of fabricating a process platform performed by a Vietnamese company for a foreign customer after winning an international bidding over many competitors from all over the region of India and the Middle East.

The above facts show that oil & gas mechanical companies have been gradually approaching, implementing and mastering the technology of construction and manufacture of petroleum projects such as wellhead platforms, central processing platform. These constructions require high precision and skills as well as quality and safety standards.

The success of the Bien Dong 01 project can be referred as obvious evidence of the Petroleum Industry capability. The Bien Dong 01 is considered being the most complex project of the Petroleum Industry in all aspects: Intensive schedule, technology content and project scale. The project includes a 12,000 tons central processing platform, a 17,000 tons pile base, total weight of others (WHP-HT1 and WHP-MT1) up to 20,500 tons with underground piping and cables.

All detailed design, procurement, and fabrication onshore were carried out within 30 months, a record that not many contractors in the world can make. The successful manufacture and assembly of 133 meters deep oil and gas exploitation rig for the East Sea Project 01 showed the profession of experts, engineers, and technical workers of Vietnam, made an important contribution to the oil and gas production and processing industry, supplied energy, and help in asserting national sovereignty.

More than 30 years, workers in the oil & gas mechanical industry have gradually improved and made many high-quality mechanical products in the world, built great internationally recognized projects. With the investment and creativity in the field of mechanical, the companies in the Oil and Gas Industry not only rise in production and business but also catch up with new technology.

In the next period, petroleum services will have to deal with difficulties, challenges, and objectives. But with the support of the Government together with the efforts and creativity of the workers, the Petroleum Industry will be much more successful and show aspirations of Vietnamese people in the integration period.

Source: https://petrovietnam.petrotimes.vn/co-khi-che-tao-dau-khi-tiep-tuc-khang-dinh-ban-linh-trong-giai-doan-hoi-nhap-550518.html

Translated by: Nguyen Thi Van Anh