Contract Signing Ceremony with Petrovietnam-New building of 60 metre drilling jack-up rig project

The contract of “New building of 60 metre drilling jackup rig project” was held in Ha Noi between Vietnam National Oil And Gas Group and PetroVietnam Marine Shipyard Company (PV Shipyard).

The project’s total value reached up to USD180million invested by Vietnam National Oil and Gas Group. PV Shipyard, as the EPC contractor, will construct the Jack-up in its facilities in Vung Tau, commit to deliver the rig to the client after 32 months.

This project marks an important milestone in the mechanical developing history of Vietnam as the 60 metre drilling jack up rig will be built for the first time by Vietnamese manpower under the strongest support of Vietnamese Government in specific financial and concrete mechanism.

The Super 116E provides for up to 2,000 kips greater payload than its predecessor and is designed to drill in up to 350 feet of water in moderate environmental locations. The rig can be outfitted to handle high temperature/high pressure wells, enhancing independent role of Vietnam in gaining initiative for explore and exploit oil and gas within its territory in years ahead.