The inclining test Tam Dao 05 jack up rig

At 4:00 am on 02th August 2016, PetroVietnam Marine Shipyard (PV Shipyard) carried out the inclining test for Tam Dao 05 jack up rig.

The inclining test is a test performed on a rig to determine its stability. The jack up rig will be lean backward with a small ratio due to the cantilever slide out process; therefore the centroid of the rig will be changed. Since then, the experiment will be applied to find the new centroid and make the jack up rig be balance for operation.

To preparing for the inclining test, we used 03 canoes and 04 tugboats to support moving rig.

Tam Dao 05 is a jack-up rig, designed in accordance with Friede and Goldman’s JU-2000E model. It is expected to have a total 18,000 tonnage when it is built, capable of operating at 120 meters or 400 ft water depth, and will be able to drill at a depth of 9,000 meters, or 30,000 ft. This is the second jack-up rig domestically manufactured by PV Shipyard. The first was Tam Dao 03 which was put into stable operation in 2012.

Tam Dao 05 is going to be handover to client within this month as per project schedule.

Tam Dao 05 jack up rig is moving to ocean

Tam Dao 05 jack up rig is moving to ocean.

PV Shipyard’ port.

The inclining test began at 4:00 am and finished at 04:30 pm on 02th August 2016.