PV Shipyard Transport Heavy – Lift Weighing

On August 18th, 2008, PV Shipyard successfully transported 04 Exhaust Stack (4 sections) belong to the project of Petroleum Equipment Assembly & Metal Structure Joint Stock Company (PVC-MS).

PV Shipyard had transported 04 exhaust stack from PVC-MS to PV Shipyard, and loaded-out Exhaust Stack (4 sections) at the wharf. Each section size is about the length 22 m x 9 m diameter (with weight over 100 tons / section). The total transported weigh and load-out including saddle and material is 556 tons.

In addition to the capacity of manufacturing, building and repairing all types of drilling rigs, PV Shipyard is currently focusing on developing logistic and logistic services, with the advantage of owning more 40,000 m2 of yard, 156 m of quay length  that can handle loud-out up to 20,000 tons. PV Shipyard has a full range of lifting equipment, transport vehicles for heavy goods transport. Heavy shipments are always covered by PV Shipyard to ensure absolute safety at each stage of lifting to the stage of transportation, the heavy – lift vehicles are registered at the right time and have a cargo license heavy- lift superstructure authorized by the Ministry of Transport, with the tonnage and size appropriate for each type of goods.

Some images in the transportation of the exhaust stack: